Dirtbag Pin Up Calendar

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Dirtbag Pin Up Calendar


The Dirtbag Pin Up Calendar. A project I've been working on for two years is finally here! Orders will ship starting October 17, 2017. Thirteen original color drawings that will not be posted online (other than the cover model pictured here)

What is a dirtbag? I described it as a person of disreputable character that you wouldn't want to have a conversation with but maybe still there was some odd attraction to. So, maybe someone you would enter into a one night stand with but wouldn't take your eyes off afterwards because you think they might steal something out of your apartment. 

My followers of the Two Thangs Instragram and Facebook accounts then helped me come up with the list.

Cover Model: Charles Bukowksi
January: Kevin Federline
February: Razor Ramon
March: Benicio Del Toro
April: Shannon Selbery / GG Allin / Matt Pike
May: Mickey Rourke
June: Vincent Gallo
July: Randy Quaid
August: Doug Hutchinson
September: Eazy E
October: Joe Francis / Terry Richardson / Leslie Bangs
November: Courtney Love
December: Shia Le Beouf

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