Two Thangs Coloring Book Vol 2

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Two Thangs Coloring Book Vol 2


Volume 2 of the coloring book was a long time in the making. As people order paintings from me, I give them 3 sketches to choose from when we get started. I began using the sketches that people didn’t choose to make coloring books early on in the process. I then take the images and write a story about a road trip that weaves in and out of the images. While Vol 1 is more of a coloring and drawing experience, volume 2 is more of a complex coloring with lots of designs that will take you a good amount of time to complete. It’s nicer, it weirder and it’s a strange trip for you to take. I say that it’s ok for kids but be warned that there are cigarettes and liquor bottles in a couple of the images.

Included: Bettie Page / Divine

Eyeore / Slot Machines

Moose / Sewing

Jason / Malort

Henry Rollins / Lyre

Frank Zappa / the Dark Crystal

Pablo Escobar / Cats

Lemmy / Dune

Clockwork Orange / Winnie the Pooh

Dr. Steve Brule / Cottage Cheese

Arrested Development / Archer

Oscar Issac / Tuna Melt

Harry Potter / Game of Thrones

Bob Ross / Golden Girls

Psy / Grease

Ravishing Rick Rude / Strawberry Shortcake

ET / Drum Rolling Tobacco

Prince / Alice in Wonderland

Sky / Hammer

Muhammad Ali / Butterfly & Bee

Frank Sinatra / Crossword Puzzles

Metalica / A Christmas Story

Frankenstein / Electrical Transformers

Jetpacks / Skeletons

Rhino / Rainbow

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