Macho Man Randy Savage MachO.D.B.

Martin Luther Kiug Jr. Fix Me MLK

Matt Pike Dirtbag Pinup

Metal Barack Joins Burzum Dirtbag Pinup

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Bub

Misfits Evil of the Thriller

Movies Lyncherhorn; America's Next Top Burster; Physical Challenge; Dark Side of the Sauce; Hey Snowy; Yodor; Du Monde is Yours; Mr. R.; Indiana Brony

Mr. T Mr. R

Muhammad Ali Greatest

Music I Can't Swim; Satchmocto; Hey Snowy; Frail Pasty Duke; I Like the Way You Purr; Evil of the Thriller; MachODB; ODBATG; Dirtbag Pinup; Notorious KYK; Wrecking Bub; Point Drake; Daft Troll; Poker Face; Barrak Joins Burzum


Notorious BIG Notoroious KYK


Ol' Dirty Bastard A.T.G.O.D.B.; MachO.D.B.

Outdoors Van Life; Lyncherhorn; Whitecaps; Dad's Day; Notorious KYK; Hookacycle; Last Days of the Seattle Viaduct


Pacific Northwest  Last Days of the Seattle Viaduct; Van Life; Satchmocto; Baby Foot; Mr. R; Moving Still

PeeWee Herman Physical Challenge

Places Lyncherhorn; Satchmo; Take me to the River; Whitecaps; Dad's Day

President Barack Obama Barack Joins Burzum


Robots Meaning of LifeRobocycle

Ron Swanson Wood Swanson

RuPaul America's Next Top Burster


Spuds Mackenzie Classic Class

Star Wars Dark Side of the Sauce; Yodor

Steve Brule (John C. Reilly) Put Some Fruit Juice in it, ya Dingus!

Sports  Here to Take Over; MachODB; Whitecaps; ODBATG; Say My Name; Dad's Day; Greatest


Television Put Some Fruit Juice in it, ya Dingus!; the Red Dragon; Evil of the Thriller; Yodor; America's Next Top Burster; Wood Swanson; Classic Class; Meaning of Life; Ticklish Hydration; Say My Name; Physical Challenge

Tin Tin Hey Snowy



Vehicles Dads' Day360 Horsepurrr; Van Life; Moving Still; Robobike; Hookacycle

Vincent Price Evil of the Thriller


Wood Grain / Stencil Style  Point Drake; ODBATG; Moving Still



Yoda Yodor